David Haskell, “The Forest Unseen: Biology, Literature, and Contemplative Practice”

Event time: 
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 4:30pm
Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall See map
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Event description: 

Here is how Professor Haskell describes the talk he’ll give at Yale on January 28th: “I describe the outcome of an unreplicatedunquantified experiment in scientific and literary exploration. I watched one square meter of old growth forest in south-eastern Tennessee for a year, then used my observations to structure the narrative of a book about ecology, evolution, and humanity’s relationships with other parts of the “natural” world. In addition to giving short readings from the book, I discuss some of the challenges and insights that I encountered in my attempt to integrate scientific, literary, and contemplative approaches. In particular, I discuss problems of literary craft (for example, how to write about other species when transparent representation is not possible) and present ideas about how contemplative practice might help biology and ethics to be in fruitful conversation.”