Working Groups

Interdisciplinary Arts and Science Research
This working group fosters collaborative research and teaching practices at the intersection of the arts and sciences. Innovative work is being done at research institutions across the United States and internationally to bring artists and scientists together in dialogue to collaborate on research and pedagogy, and exchange mutually beneficial strategies toward the production of new knowledge. The goals of this working group are to create a space to share projects and receive peer feedback, dialogue about key issues within interdisciplinary arts and science research, and foster ideas for new collaborative ventures between artists and scientists at Yale. The group will serve as a think tank that considers conversation—bringing people together in one room—as the most primary, immediate capital toward envisioning the ways that Yale can participate in interdisciplinary arts and science research locally and beyond.

The group will convene once a month during the semester. The sessions will focus on presentations by Yale constituents on specific research projects or on related articles and/or projects outside Yale, and evolving pedagogical approaches that integrate methods drawn from artistic and scientific disciplines. 

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science Research Working Group is based in the Whitney Humanities Center and is also sponsored by the Franke Program in Science and the Humanities.


Spring 2014 Schedule

February 20     12 - 1 pm                                
Dr. Eric Dufresne, Director of the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Design at Yale 
**This session will take place at the CEID, 15 Prospect St room 107

April 3             12 - 1 pm                                
Dr. Paola
Bertucci, Assistant Professor of History and History of Medicine, Assistant Curator Peabody Museum
**Timothy Dwight dining hall

April 30                       12 - 1 pm                                
Michalek, visual artist, Lecturer in Religion and the Visual Arts, Yale Divinity School 
**Timothy Dwight dining hall
David’s large-scale installation 
Slow Dancing will be installed at Yale in late April.