Past Working Groups

Cultural Heritage in Science and the Humanities:  An Interdisciplinary Reading Group for Graduate Students

Contact:  Ethan Perets

This reading group recognizes the many benefits to be gained through combined study of the natural sciences, the history of art, and the material production of tangible cultural heritage. The group realizes that the key to unlocking such potential benefits lies in (1) nurturing interest in interdisciplinary issues arising at the interface of science and the history of art, and (2) fostering sustained interactions between communities of diverse expertise, including scientists and scholars in the humanities, as well as practicing artists.

The group will bring together graduate students in STEM and the humanities having interests (whether personal or professional) in art, history, and the natural sciences, but whose day-to-day activities as graduate students may find them unable to join easily in dialogue with one another. In doing so, the group’s focus will be on disseminating mutual understanding of technical subject matter, and advancing interdisciplinary research. These goals will be accomplished through discussions of cutting-edge research relevant to both art history and the natural sciences, talks from invited lecturers, increasing awareness of the resources available at Yale for graduate students wishing to undertake research at the art/science interface, and promotion of a collaborative environment.

The group recognizes that development of common language is a critical component in creating and sustaining interactions between communities of future scholars in the arts and sciences. There will be opportunities to discuss what is required for development of a shared language. The reading group will apply the lessons learned in sessions over the course of the academic year, culminating in a document laying out paths forward towards development of a shared language, and which will also act as a charter for the group. All participants in any of the reading group sessions are invited to collaborate on this venture.

The Cultural Heritage in Science and the Humanities Reading Group welcomes all Yale University graduate students. The reading group is based in the Whitney Humanities Center and is sponsored by The Franke Program in Science and the Humanities. Pizza and refreshments will be provided at all events.