Franke Fellows’ Dinner, Second Meeting

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 5:00pm
Whitney Humanities Center, Room 108 See map
53 Wall Street
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At this second private dinner, we continue to celebrate this year’s cohort of Franke Undergraduate and Graduate Fellows.  Over dinner at the Whitney, our Fellows will delivery their research findings in short presentations.

Our 2018/2019 Fellows are:

Undergraduate Fellows

Marie Freudenburg - Worship, Medicine, and the Ancient World: Investigating Healing Narratives at the Temple of Asclepius

Raeven Grant - Zika and the Media: A Comparative Analysis of Zika’s Portrayal in Brazilian and American News Over Time

Hannah Hauptman - Archival Research on the South Cuba Sponge Fishery (1890-1930) for History Senior Essay

Zachary Smithline - Phenomenologies: Visual and Moral Imagining at Thirteenth-Century Bamberg Cathedral

Franklin Eccher - “Not in My Backyard”: The Human Dimensions to Native Cutthroat Trout Reintroduction in the Mountain West

Oriana Tang - Body, Time, and Techno-Orientalism in the Works of Kazuo Ishiguro and Nam June Paik

Graduate Fellows

Mary Petrone - Motivating Behavior Change among Community Health Workers using Performance Dashboards in Kampala, Uganda

Tyler Lutz - Science in Fiction: Modern Physics Mirror and Muse

Davis Butner - Sounding Sacred: An Interfaith Comparison of the Evolution of Religious Architectural Acoustics and Sacred Musical Practices

Ambre Dromgoole - “I’ll Keep On Living After I Die”: Black Women Songwriters, Gospel Music, and the Historical Record

Zeyu Wang/Benjamin Olsen - The In-situ Occupiable Drawing:  Augmented Reality and Architectural Representation of Heritage Sites